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Life goes on

16 March 2020

Well it looks as if, at least for some, life is grinding to a halt as governments announce significant restrictions on public activities as the CV19 crisis worsens.

I'm pleased to say however, that my life seems to be carrying on as usual.

Perhaps that's because I'm not a highly socially interactive person... outside of the timeI spend online. Most of my day is spent working alone, either in the workshop or in the edit studio I've set up at home. Fortunately I don't need to spend time rubbing shoulders or shaking hands with others -- mind you, these days my hands shake all by themselves :-)

Over the next few weeks I'll be trying to make the most of the remaining "warm" weather before the icy chill of winter kicks in and somewhat curtails my outside activities. This means I'll be super-busy.

Elsewhere however, a lot of folk are having to change their plans.

Yesterday I got notification that the Warbirds over Wanaka Easter airshow has been cancelled due to CV19 fears. Bugger!

You should also think yourself lucky that you're not over 80 and living in Italy right now. It seems that those who fall into this category and who are unfortunate enough to catch CV19 are going to be left to die. Owch!

Yes, an already overloaded healthcare system in Italy has meant that government has had to make a very tough call on this and place the lives and health of younger folk ahead of those who've already had "a good innings". I can understand this, but such understanding will come as little solace for those who might lose loved ones as a result.

As I type this, news is breaking that the Reserve Bank here in NZ is about to announce a slash in the base lending rate. That's not unexpected but I can't help but wonder if it's going to have any real effect.

The Kiwi dollar may dip a little lower, but it's already at its lowest point in over a decade and a lower currency won't really help exporters too much, given that much of the world's international trade is likely to dry up as various nations go into lock-down, depriving key industries of the labour needed to service ports.

But what about the up-sides of all this?

Surely every cloud must have a silver lining.

Well I'm hoping that if people are going to be isolating themselves in their homes they'll find themselves bored to tears and they may turn to YouTube for some entertainment. If that's the case, maybe I'll get more views -- although with so many businesses forced into virtual stasis for lack of manpower and sales, I doubt there'll be much money to be earned from the ads associated with those extra views.

Maybe now is the time for everyone to write that novel they've been promising themselves to create... after all, what else are you going to do when you're inside and you've already watched all of my 2,000+ videos? :-)

With interest rates about to hit all-time lows, now might be a great time to do some strategic investment using borrowed money. I'm pretty sure there must be plenty of opportunities out there for those who are cashed up or who choose to leverage their existing assets to borrow. They say there's a recession coming and, as history has taught us, many a fortune is made during times of economic downturn.

Another up-side, morbid as it might sound, is that if we see widespread fatalities as a result of CV19, property prices may fall due to reduced demand for housing. Okay, that's an up-side if you're looking to get on the property ladder and a downside if you're already heavily invested but "swings and roundabouts" eh?

Personally, I think I'm about to strikeit really rich. Crypto-tissue is the future. Apparently. according to the unsolicited email I received announcing this "once in a lifetime opportunity", I can invest now in crypto-tissue and my money will be used to create "bit-roll" toilet paper to meet the huge global demand for bum-wiping materials. Apparently there's a factory all set up to make this stuff and the've already got all the perferations and holes for the middle of the rolls, all they need is a little extra cash for the paper itself and everyone investing will become mega-rich overnight. It comes in four thicknesses: 003, 002, 001 and "Gold".

What could possibly go wrong?

Will you be making any savvy investments designed to capitalise on the opportunities that CV19 may create?

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