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The world is awash with hypocrisy

15 June 2020

As regular readers will know, I despise hypocrisy.

"Do as we say, not as we do" is the lowest of all insults from those in power to those without it.

And things are going from bad to worse. In fact, everywhere I turn today I see hypocrisy in buckets.

We have governments, corporations and individuals saying that they despise racism, and then using race-based discrimination as a corrective measure.

Can you say hypocrisy?

The "Black Lives Matter" campaign has taken on a life of its own but I fear that, like most wildly popular initiatives that gather widespread support, it has been hijacked by those who are more interested in their own interests than the interests of those they purport to be championing.

For example...

Google, through its YouTube platform, has pledged $100 million to support "Black creators" of content.

Yep, that's right... they're using race-based criteria to try and takle racial discrimination.


And one has to ask... why?

Are they saying that the company has previously discriminated against black content creators?

Of course not... "the algorithm" which determines what videos are promoted and what ones are not is not (to the best of anyone's knowledge) using race as a component of its decision-making.

So what YouTube is saying is "we are going to actively discriminate against all non-black content creators by funding only the black ones".

I fail to see how this sends the message that discrimination on the basis of race is a bad thing... in fact it does exactly the opposite!


So why has YouTube done this?

Well as I said, once a good initiative gathers enough support it gets hijacked and that's exactly what's going on here. YouTube has seen the opportunity to gain some brownie points for its brand by appearing to be supporting the BLM movement, when in fact it is simply demonstrating another form of overt racism.

And to further show just how out of control a good initiative has gotten, take the example of a school here in New Zealand. The principal of Christchurch Girls School has sent the message that ONLY Black Lives Matter.

In RNZ report the principle condemned a staff member's comment that "ALL lives matter" and labeled it as "inappropriate". The obvious inference from this is that not all lives matter and perhaps it is now only black lives that matter.


The corruption of the BLM thing has now spread wide and far, with the developers of the OpenZFS software ordering the removal of the oft-used terms "slave" and "master" in reference to the dependency of various processes within a system.


Is it now that people are just so afraid of being seen to be anything other than hard-core BLM supporters that they feel they have to make ludicrous statements and take insane measures such as this so as not to feel guilty?

Even history is now no longer safe from the perversion of the BLM movement, with Canterbruy Museum bowing to lunatics that have demanded the removal of a seemingly accurate, long-standing exhibit depicting pre-colonisation Maori. It seems now we can't even remind non-whites of their early origins, for fear that they'll take offense at being depicted as (once) being a less developed race.

Seriously, the whole BLM movement is now a joke, having been hijacked by those who would seek to leverage it for their own personal or political gain. What's worst about this is that so many who protest and demand the rewriting of history or the removal of facts that are deemed to be "inconvenient" do not even realise that they are being played like puppets by others with far less honest intent.

I despise racism... but I despise even more those who would hijack a cause like this to boost their own profits, corrupt history and push their own political narative.

Right now, the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

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