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Jacinda is NOT learning

19 June 2020

A few weeks ago I warned that opening NZ's borders, even a little bit, would constitute a huge risk to our virus-free status and could not be justified.

I issued that warning because I, unlike Ms Adern, have been watching bureaucrats and politicians stuff up the simplest of tasks for many, many decades. When you have a system with zero accountability at a personal level, there is no imperative for people to peform.

When those in power and authority break the law was redefine that illegal activity as merely "unlawful" and nobody is censured, fined or imprisoned. We have to accept that the only outcome is a claim that "lessons will be learned".

And so it was when Jacinda assured us that her government would put in place stringent border checks and effective quarantine for anyone entering the country under the current lockdown period.

Now this is one time I really wish I wasn't right -- but my predictions, based on prior observations, have been proven 100% accurate.

Worst of all however, nothing will change in the wake of the recent fiasco -- and here's why

Ms Adern continues to completely miss the whole reason why this fiasco (and so many others) occured in the first instance.

Her ignorance of the root cause of the problem is abundantly clear when she told the media that she didn't want to see "a witch hunt".

"This has been a failure of the system; I'm not interested in going down into individuals and finding out exactly who."


Sorry Jacinda but you can not put this latest fiasco down to "a failure of the system", that is utter BS.

Systems are designed by *people* and if those systems are not fit for purpose, this is a *people* failure. Either those chosen to create that system were not doing their job properly or those who chose those people for the role did not do their job properly.

Ultimately SOMEONE or SOME PERSONS are responsible for the failure. Do not try to anonomise this into a "system failure" because if you do, nobody will be held accountable for their poor performance and thus no changes will be made to the most important element of "the system" -- the PEOPLE who stuffed things up!

Remember, "the system" demanded that the two women were interviewed and asked specific questions regarding their health and COVID symptoms on a daily basis. "The System" demanded that this happen but the PEOPLE who were supposed to carry out that incredibly simple task failed in their duty to do so.

That is NOT a "system failure" - that is incompetence, negligence or just downright laziness on the part of a person or persons. That person or those persons should be censured for their failure -- just as someone who fails to follow H&S policies in a workplace in the leadup to an injury would be censured.

To say "I'm not interested in going down into individuals and finding out exactly who" is simply saying "I don't mind if the same people who proved incompetent remain in "the system" and are free to endanger lives again".

I am sorry Jacinda but your utter disregard for the safety the people of New Zealand is now laid bare for all to see. Better to protect the feelings, the job, the reputation of those who are at fault than it is to protect people from the virus?

I'm going to use a word I find myself using with monotonous regularity of late:


The past week or so has shown that Jacinda is happy to bathe in the limelight when things are going well but she does not have the courage, the strength, the leadership to actually come down on those who would "let the team down" through their incompetence, negligence or laziness. Being a good leader sometimes requires taking harsh steps and it isn't always going to be just standing on a podium looking serious and mournful. It is increasingly becoming apparent that Jacinda is a "fair weather leader" but does not have the testicular fortitude to metre out sanctions when that is required.

Now we have someone else showing COVID-19 symptoms and it appears that this may also be due to the very lax operation of the quarantine facilities.

Perhaps it's time that we started quarantining people in waiuru, at an army barracks with military-grade security. A five-star hotel sounds great but we have repeatedly proven that it is not fit for purpose as a quarantine facility and we simply can not rely on everyone in quarantine to act responsibly.

Stop mollycoddling people Jacinda. Stop trying to protect the incompetent from facing the censure they deserve. Get off your high and mighty podium and start acting like a real leader instead of someone who simply plays one on TV.

Or am I wrong about this?

What will Jacinda say when the next quaratine fiasco surfaces and we find that we're back to L2 or L3 lockdown because she can't bring herself to the realisation that, within the ranks of "those who can do no wrong", a lack of censure for failure will always mean that there is little imperative to perform.

Maybe Jacinda should spend a few years in "the real world(tm)" where you're not judged by your compassion and ability to look mournful, but by your ability to perform under pressure and make the hard decisions.

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