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Politicians, some are nasty

18 September 2020

With the NZ economy tanking to the tune of a 12 percent contraction, the last thing I wanted to hear yesterday were the words of National Leader Judith Collins.

Collins, the consumate politician, all but totally ignored the fact that we've just spent the past six months seeing our economy ravaged by the worst pandemic to have appeared on the planet in more than a century. Instead, she seemed to attribute the entire problem to mismanagement by the current government.

Not a single concession was made to the hard decisions that had to be made by the government and the fact that things could have been a whole lot worse, if those hard choices had not been made.

Instead, the National Party leader opted to stick the knife in and work hard to use the pain caused by Covid 19 as a tool to promote the Nat's chances of being elected in a few months.

Words can not convey the level of despicability I feel towards anyone or any party that would stoop this low.

The situation we've faced over the past six months is unparalleled in living memory. There were no templates for reacting to such a challenge and, although I'm not a fan of Labour's policies or perspectives, even I have to acknowledge that they have done as good a job as we could have hoped for.

For National to claim that they could have done better is utter hyperbole, in my honest opinion.

National may have actually gotten my vote this year if, instead of taking their role as "opposition" so literally, they'd come out with a more bipartisan attitude to addressing the huge challenges that lie ahead for every single Kiwi.

At this pivotal time we can not afford the luxury of politicians taking low-blows and pot-shots at their competitors for our vote. The party that finally wins my vote will be the one that pledges to work hand-in-hand with other parties to do what is best for the nation and its people... not for their own political careers.

We don't need grandstanding politicians who are only interested in bettering their own personal situation. We need leaders who are prepared to knuckle-down and set aside their differences with a common goal of getting this nation back on its feet as soon as possible.

Right now, the whole model of adversarial politics has become a giant weakness and burden for New Zealand.

No one party has all the answers but, if we could get these clowns to set aside their own hubris and narcissism and focus on the issues at hand, we'd have a much better chance of coming out of this mess with a minimum of collateral damage.

When I heard Collins say "what a failure" in respect to the present Minister of Finance the National Party was immediately struck from my list of viable parties at this election. Why could she simply acknowledge that the job of Finance Minister was presently a huge challenge and that Labour had done the best they could, under the circumstances?

Slagging off your competition as a strategy is seldom ever effective. Indeed, when someone chooses to criticise their opposition rather than promote their own competence shows a lack of faith in the latter.

Collins has made it clear that the most important thing in her world is herself. We don't need politicians with that perspective. We need politicians who put the best interests of the nation and its people ahead of their own self-interest.

Sorry Judith, you are a liability to your party and to the nation as a whole.

Yes, Labour have made some appalling mistakes in their reaction to the Covid 19 situation but, based on Ms Collins statements of yesterday, I am 100 percent convinced that National would have done a whole lot worse.

In the three year political term ahead I do not trust National to manage this country in a way that will produce the best possible outcome for the majority (if not all) Kiwis.

Oh how I wish parliament wasn't filled with "career politicians" :-(

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