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Freedom for me but not for thee?

14 September 2021

I am surprised at how some people have reacted to the CV19 situation.

Most readers will know that it doesn't take much to get me speaking out against regulatory over-reach or when authorities exceed their mandate to exercise control over the public. With this in mind, I expect that a lot of my regular viewers and readers probably expected me to be pushing back against things like lockdowns, vaccination programs and the general removal of freedoms associated with managing the CV19 pandemic.

In fact many people are *outraged* that:

  • A. I've had both jabs
  • B. I'm happy to be locked down when told to

So what the hell's going on? Why has my "bad boy, anti-establishment, anti-authority" persona apparently disappeared?

Well it's pretty simple really. I'm someone who is reasonably well educated, understands the basics of science, biology and statistics.

I know how effective vaccines can be at helping fight pathogens. Hell, when I was a kid we all got vaccinations for polio and TB and that saved countless lives and even more suffering within the ranks of the general population. I'm old enough to remember seeing the kids that had caught polio before the vaccinations were rolled out, they were in wheelchairs and using crutches at my school... and they were the lucky ones.

I'm also smart enough to know that not all diktats made by the state are bad. In fact, more often than not they're actually for the benefit of everyone... and so it is with our lockdowns.

Perhaps now folk can see that I'm not just a mad anti-authoritarian, anti-regulation idiot... I only protest when power is abused and in my honest opinion, we're not seeing that with the CV19 situation. Sadly, there are far too many who aren't quite able to grasp exactly *why* these diktats have been issued and why they're in everyone's best interests.

Stupid people rebel without thinking, smart people only rebel when there are grounds to do so.

And then of course there are those who are simply utter cretins... like the couple that "escaped" from Level 4 Auckland to go on holiday at Wanaka this week.

Seriously, people like this barely deserve the air they breathe.

With an entire nation doing its best to try and bring the spread of CV19 under control, these idiots thought they were so special that the very important rules that are crucial to that control didn't apply to them.

When I break the rules or promote civil disobedience it is *only* when doing so involves the breach of ludicrous rules in a way that produces no risk to the safety of the public or their property. Rules that are designed to protect one to two percent of our population (the current death rate from CV19 infections) are not ludicrous, they are sensible.

Then there are those who swear that the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus -- which seems a little strange because even here in NZ there is but one single case of a death related to the vaccine -- out of more than 4.5 million doses administered -- yet we've already had 27 deaths from just 4,000 cases of infection by the virus. Why can't people believe the clear and obvious facts?

I've received a heap of criticism from around the world for having had my vaccination and having yeilded to the diktats of the state so readily during the lockdowns. I really do not understand people who simply can't sit back objectively, analyse the data and work out the reality of the situation we're facing. Some have even been so offended that I have chosen to use *my* freedoms to be vaccinated and cooperate with a lockdown that they have proudly proclaimed to have unsubscribed from my YouTube channels.

Many years ago I was invited to join Mensa because (apparently) I was smarter than your average Joe. I declined, on the basis that I would not want to join any club that would take me as a member :-) but is this level of understanding purely the domain of smart people? Are anti-vaxxers and anti-lock-down zealots really just stupider than some of us?

And why the hypocrisy of these people?

I always acknowledge the right of everyone to express an opinion and I respect every one of those opinions, even if I don't agree with them -- but apparentl this is not a perspective echoed by many of the anti-vaxers and anti-lockdown brigade. Apparently they deserve *their* freedom whilst I do not deserve *my* freedom to disagree. Is freedom really such a one-way street in their book?

Ah well, I don't really care. A wise man once said that you can't please all the people all the time and those who try are doomed to please nobody, not even themselves.

I make no apologies for exercising *MY* freedom to be vaccinated and my freedom to consider the safety of others by adhering to lockdown protocols when requested to. I'm sorry if that offends those who seem to have a much different definition of the word "freedom".

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