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The world is waking up

11 January 2022

I'm not a conspiracy theorist... well not much of one.

Generally I opt for Occam's Razor when it comes to explanations and although conspiracies may be entertaining and create a certain amount of excitement, they're generally well off the mark. Most things have a far more mundane and pedestrian explanation.

I think I can safely say that covid vaccinations aren't some kind of conspiracy by world governments to get 5G nanites into your bloodstream and 5G isn't some kind of mind-control system designed to zombify the general population.

However, sometimes there are unspoken, unpublished agendas at play when far-reaching decisions are made by governments. Just because the vast majority of conspiracy theories are just that -- theories, does not mean we shouldn't be alert to the fact that sometimes things are not what they appear to be.

Fortunately, the population of the planet seems to be slowly awakening from its indifference and starting to appreciate that a healthy skepticism is essential if we are to protect ourselves from those who perhaps only have their own best interests at heart.

The whole CV19 situation has begun to awaken the skeptic within many people and questions are now being asked. Good questions they are too.

Are all the decisions being made by governments really being made for the right reasons and to benefit the public interest?

I suspect that the vast majority of them are... but perhaps not all of them.

In some cases, the wrong decisions are being made innocently. Perhaps because governments are just "regular folk" like you or I; people without a degree in viroligy or any other branch of science. These people are reliant on those who the ask for advice... and that might be where the rot starts.

Once again, I fully expect that most of the medical professionals and scientists involved in providing advice to the decision-makers are upright and responsible people who are doing their best to deliver well researched and objective information. However, it's inevitable that some will not be quite as squeaky clean as we'd like.

There has been a huge fortune to be made from this pandemic and there are plenty of parties who will be putting their bottom line ahead of any altruistic feelings.

Take NZ's vaccine supplier Pfizer for example...

Is it any wonder, with multiple vaccination shots being effectively mandated for a huge swathe of the world's population and regular "boosters" becoming a part of life for the forseeable future, that their share price is soaring?

Pfizer stock has gone from around US$31 per share in June 2020 to $60 as of the end of last month. That's an almost 100 percent gain in less than 18 months. Even New Zealand's crazy property bubble can't provide those returns.

This company now has a market cap of US$314 billion. They obviously have a snot-load of money in their pockets and it would be sorely tempting for them to spread that around to "assist" the decision making being undertaken by governments -- not that I am suggesting that this happens, of course.

However, this does raise the spectre of just how much governments are being "lobbied" by hugely powerful corporate entities and I think there is now a much greater awareness of the effect such things are having on the decision-making process.

They used to say that "The USA has the best government money can buy" but I believe that is a concept that has become global in recent years.

There is now a growing awareness that decisions, laws and policies are being created to benefit a select few, rather than the tax-paying mass of voters. A good indication of this can be seen in the comments left on a recent video I posted. Just read what people are saying and you can see that the credibility of governments and the belief that they're doing "the best for voters" has fallen immensely.

As I mention in that video, I'm on a crusade to "put things right" this year. I'll be working *very* hard to educate the public and to hold governments to account, at least in one tiny area of responsibility. Perhaps if/when the general public see just how bad things have gotten in this domain, they'll start properly questioning all the decisions made on our behalf by those at the top.

Good governments will withstand this scrutiny, bad ones will not.

I guess this will do nothing for my popularity within certain circles of public administration but hey... I'm old, I have very little to lose and we, as a whole, have a lot to gain.

Stay tuned, there's bound to be film at eleven :-)

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