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Let The Jetworks begin!

22 Mar 2024

I've mentioned it before but I'm getting an increasing number of requests to make or assist others in the making of pulsejets on a commercial basis.

It seems that now the world has finally twigged to what I predicted over 20 years ago, everyone wants to start building low-cost pulsejet-powered "drones" for military and other applications.

Now I'm getting at least two or three emails a week, asking for information, cooperation in design projects or just the manufacture of suitable pulsejet engines.

I don't intend to become a manufacturer -- too much capital required and I'm way too old for that. However, I have decided to pick up where I left off with the design and development of my engine designs.

This will undoubtedly thrill the local council because it will involve the testing of engines that are somewhat less than "quiet".

Fortunately, such testing is generally intermittent and infrequent in nature but will undoubtedly result in attempts to stop me. Hell, if flying an electric-powered RC model aircraft alongside half a dozen others is too much for them to bear then belching flames from a screaming jet engine will almost certainly trigger them in the halls of power.

So, sometime in the next few weeks I'll be back to cutting, welding and forming stainless steel and turning hydrocarbons into heat, noise and a little bit of thrust.

I have no intention of directly providing information or designs to the military of any nation but several aerospace companies have approached me with offers that are too good to simply ignore. Nothing's been agreed at this point but I'm going to build a couple of new prototypes so that if it gets to the point where money is on the table, I'll be in the best position to negotiate a suitable compensation for all my many years of hard work.

Since this is an aviation-related activity I'm well within my rights to undertake the development at my workshop on the airfield, however I bet it will be only a very short time before the local council tries to come up with some reason why I must stop.

You might think "the noise" but I've already made comprehensive readings of noise levels produced by things such as regular aircraft coming and going, drag racing and other airfield activities. I'm happy that I can operate at a lower noise level than those activities currently allowed.

There are a few impediments to this work however... my shaky "Parkinson's" hands being one of them. It will be interesting to see how effectively I can TIG weld with this handicap and if things are too bad I may have to contract-out that part of the process.

Ultimately, it will be a lot of fun to get back to the process of turning perfectly good sheets of metal into piles of scrap whilst trying to tame the forces of newtonian physics.

Of course I'll be documenting some of the process on my YouTube channels so everyone can share the sweat, frustration and ultimately the joy of success.

Carpe Diem folks!

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