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Another reason to reject Microsoft Windows 11

26 Jun 2024

As if having Microsoft Windows create regular screenshots of your system and archive them onto your computer, ready for any wannabe hacker to steal wasn't enough...

Now there's another reason not to use Windows 11.

According to at least one report, Windows 11 is now automatically enabling OneDrive folder backup without asking permission, an action that sees local files sent to Microsoft's cloud without any expressed permission from the user.

Yep, could be that all your documents, photos and other files may be quietly shuffled across the Net to Microsoft where, in an age where "AI training" data is incredibly valuable, they could be used for anything.

Microsoft has also worked very hard to force users of Windows to use a Microsoft account rather than a local login on their computers.

All of this is fine, if you don't mind your data being fired across the face of the planet to goodness knows where and so long as you have a reliable and fast internet connection -- but not everyone does.

One recommendation is to disable OneDrive and that's fine if you're a reasonably tech-savvy user. However, many Windows users are not tech-savvy. They're your mother who simply wants a computer they can turn on and use to watch cute cat videos or find new recipies online. These people won't even know what's going on in the background, perhaps until it's too late.

I would argue that rather than disabling OneDrive, the kinder option would be to kick Windows 11 to the kerb and install a user-friendly Linux distro that respects your privacy and security.

For those who just want to use basic web services (email, browsing) plus maybe typing up a newsletter for the local community group then something like Linux Mint, Firefox browser and LibreOffice will tick all the boxes very nicely.

Like Windows, Mint will keep itself current through regular software updates and security patches however, unlike Windows, Mint will allow you to apply these updates when YOU choose, not randomly when you walk away from your computer for a couple of hours and come back to find the system has updated and rebooted -- causing a loss of work.

One really has to ask, in light of recent events, how many sucks of the sav does Microsoft get?

First it wanted to force AI down our throats with its CoPilot and the lame Recall feature, then it starts working very hard to depricate local accounts in favour of cloud logins and now it seems to want to collect all your data without your expressed consent.

Adobe recently learned, to its cost, what happens when you try to be sneaky and nefarious. I can only hope that consumers send the same message to Microsoft.

Carpe Diem folks!

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