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Domains For Sale

My Own Domains For Sale
Over the years I have collected an array of what some might consider to be rather valuable domain names. In fact if this recent story from the NZ Herald is to be believed they could be worth a small fortune -- but I doubt it, let's say my expectations are "realistic."

I now find myself with insufficient time to develop web properties to go with these names so I'm offering them for sale.

(Note: if anyone else has any .nz domains they want to sell then drop me a line and I'll add them to this page free of charge. It's all part of the wonderful Aardvark service ;-)

The domains are:

  • politics.co.nz
    Given the high profile that politics has on the Net these days, and the fact that there's an election every three years, this domain has significant potential.

  • here.co.nz
    What better name for a portal or search engine -- which is what I had planned for this name but only got part-way to implementing. Even without any kind of promotion or external links this domain is scoring 30-40 visitors a day -- just curiosity I suspect. Pay another dollar and I won't make you take the cool logo graphic too :-)

  • talkback.co.nz
    Perfect for a radio station -- or maybe a web-based discussion site.

  • tvpages.co.nz
    Three years ago when I was running this domain connected to a website carrying daily TV listings and a discusion area it received over 2,000 visitors a day. The size of the local Internet population has increased massively since then so imagine what it could do today.

  • sports.net.nz
    Sports -- what can I say -- one of the most popular subjects on the Web.

  • news.net.nz
    Another of the Net's biggest drawcards.

Anyone wanting to make a realistic offer on any of these domain names can drop me a line.

Other People's Domains For Sale
The following are domains are for sale by a third party and you should contact them directly:

  • cheap.co.nz
    Would suit auctions/traders/private sales/etc.

  • immediate.co.nz
    Would suit food & drink delivery/medical services/tradesmen/couriers/etc

  • flyingkiwi.net
    would suit any personal or business site. Worldwide suitability with the net suffix

For these domains, contact Mark Barlow.

  • dream.co.nz
  • naughty.co.nz
  • econtract.co.nz

Remember -- the time to buy is when the market is at its low-point

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