Aardvark's Linking Policy
Copyright © 1996-2002 to Bruce Simpson

Aardvark actively encourages other sites to link to its pages.

You may link to the main page or individual pages but I'd appreciate it if you were to observe to the following "code of good practice":

  1. Please don't place Aardvark's pages in a frame on your own pages. It is considered "bad netiquette" to attempt to surround anyone else's web pages with your own advertising or content. You should not attempt to "pass-off" any of Aardvark's editorial content as your own work. Seasoned Net users are aware that by using frames, pages from several different sites can be displayed simultaneously on the one screen - but Net-neophytes often don't and this means they are likely make the mistake of believing that "my content" is "your content".

  2. Please contact Aardvark to advise me that you are linking to these pages. It's not mandatory but I like to know who finds my work of interest and it means I can let you know of any changes to the Aardvark site structure so that your links don't become invalid if I move things around at this end.

  3. Permission is granted for the headline and first sentence of any Aardvark story to be republished as part of the link text used on other sites. It is requested that you place the word 'Aardvark' in bold text after the link so that the source of the story is obvious - see Aardvark Daily's main page for examples of how I do this when links are made to stories on other sites.

All issues of Aardvark are archived for at least six months (usually in perpetuity) and the URL is in the form:


Where "yyyy" is the year (eg: 2002), "dd" is the day (eg: 15) and "mm" is the month (eg: 04). For example, to access the 15 April, 2002 edition you would use the url http://aardvark.co.nz/daily/2002/0415.shtml.

If you want to republish the major part of any Aardvark's content - please contact me and get a written release first. Permission is unlikely to be refused and, if the republication is for non-commercial purposes, no charge will be involved.

In accord with existing copyright laws, excerpts from Aardvark's own news stories and commentaries may be quoted freely providing full and proper attribution is given including the Aardvark URL which is http://aardvark.co.nz

Feel free to copy, quote or extract this page in part or in its entirety for use on your own site (an attribution would be nice though). It never ceases to surprise me just how many sites around the Web have no clear policy on linking, just plenty of legalese describing the severe penalties that will be coming your way if you republish or infringe their copyrights.

By including this page, I'm trying to let other web-site developers know what I consider fair and reasonable. I would certainly be interested in hearing from others with differing perspectives on the matter. Feel free to contact me if you wish.

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