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Sample Press Release
Here's an example of a press release created using the tips and guidelines given on the previous page.

Note that it highlights the newsworthiness of one aspect of the site which is being promoted.

The truly cynical would say that the webpage being mentioned at was only put up as an excuse to issue a press release. Are they correct?

Well, over 200,000 hits later you've got to wonder don't you... but the press release you see below was never actually released and was only prepared as example of implementing the preachings of this marketing guide.

Kiwi's Low Cost Cruise Missile Site Attracts Global Military And Media Attention
17 June 2002

Why This Is Newsworthy:
The contents of a Kiwi website have attracted military and media attention from around the world after it showed just how easily terrorists could build a low-cost cruise missile from readily available parts. The viability of such a project and the very real risk has already been confirmed by military sources that have read the page in question.

Who is behind this: Bruce Simpson, entrepreneur, writer, jet-engine developer, editor and publisher of

What is it all about: Thanks to the power of the Net, the task of designing and building a cheap yet effective cruise missile is now a whole lot easier. Simpson's website provides a virtual shopping list of "off the shelf" parts - complete with links to useful information and possible component suppliers.

Where is this website: The page in question can be found on the Internet at and links to it can be found in blogs and on news sites all around the world.

When did this happen: The page was noticed shortly after it was published in mid-May and Simpson is still fielding feedback and questions from a wide range of sources.

More Information:
Simpson says that he posted the page after his own research into the design and development of low-cost jet engines made it clear that the construction of a low-cost cruise missile (LCCM) was entirely practical.

"I've got a background in electronics and software which, combined with my recent experiments in jet engine design, would allow me to design and manufacture a simple GPS-guided cruise missile for less than the price of a new car" Simpson claims.

"The big problem is that what were once very advanced technologies are now available off the shelf for a very low price. Such technology doesn't play favorites, it works for whoever chooses to use it."

"Given the number of further al Qaeda suicide bombing plans that appear to have been thwarted since September 11, it's becoming increasingly likely that terrorists might choose to use their brains rather than their bodies at some stage in the near future."

Simpson says that he's received a number of emails from current and former US military personnel who say that the scenarios he paints are very real and that there would be little that could be done to effectively counter them.

For more information, please contact:
Bruce Simpson
Phone: 09 4202554
Fax : 09 4202762
email: from the form at


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