Spoilt for choice
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson

It appears as if New Zealand internet users are in for an early christmas with several large, content-rich sites due for launch in the near future.

Tomorrow The National Business Review site is expected to go live. The site, apparently called "The National Business Review Centre Online" is rumoured to be extremely large, consisting of some 26 individual sections including classified advertising, business news, and a wealth of other content. It is not known how much of the site will be "free to net" and how much will be subscription based. Estimates put the cost of development for the NBR site at around $300,000.

Rumours also abound as to the exact release date for Clear's Internet service and what degree of emphasis will be placed on content provision. Estimated launch dates vary from "in time for the Clear Home & Small Office Show to some time in the new year.

7am, sister publication to Aardvark will also be launching soon - next monday to be exact. Unlike many of the existing information sites on the web, 7am is basing much of its emphasis on providing a personalised format with user-defined formats which can be delivered directly to a desktop or another web page via the 7am News Ticker service.

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