NBR gets ready to go live
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson

Midnight on Thursday, that's the official launch date for NBR's new online service.

Claiming to be a centre for electronic commerce within New Zealand, Liberty press, publishers of NBR, are claiming the site will contain a wealth of business-related services including:

  • Online credit checks through BayCorp
  • Share-trading
  • Banking
  • Executive "want-ads"
  • Classified advertising
  • Investment information

A total of 26 sites offering 120 on-line services will make this site possibly the largest web-based info service in New Zealand.

When queried about revenue streams, the publishers say that there are several. Much of the site will be sponsored by advertisers and many of the services are provided on a paid subscription basis.

For example, the first 100 lines of news stories will be available free of charge but payment will be required for the balance.

Aardvark will be providing a full site review next week.

In the meantime, you might want to take a look at this paradox:

liberty n. freedom -pl. rights, priveleges

Now try the web-address of Liberty Press, publishers of NBR: www.liberty.co.nz.

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