Discussions over domain name management
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson

Discussons over the organisation and management of second and third level domain names has heated up on the ISOCNZ mailing list and newsgroup.

In a somewhat controvertial move, ISOCNZ has suggested that it might reserve some domain names for its own purposes (which are not stated). Several responses have already been received to this suggestion and they almost universally put the case that if nobody else can reserve domain names under the new regime, why should ISOCNZ be allowed?

There is also talk of banning (or even revoking) any two-letter third-level domain names - such as nz.co.nz or aa.co.nz due to the potential for technical problems associated with the way that domain-names are processed by various name-servers.

Anyone interested in following these discussions is advised to follow the action on the nz.org.isocnz newsgroup.

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