ISOCNZ getting better
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson

Almost since its inception, ISOCNZ has been plagued with a very bad image and a not insignificant contributor to this was their almost total lack of response to queries from members and the industry alike.

Good news, this appears to be changing!

With the appointment of Patrick O'Brien as a full-time administrator, Aardvark has been advised that new communications channels have been put in place.

Two toll free numbers now operate:
ISOCNZ0800-ISOCNZor0800 47 62 69
DNS registry0800-REGISTRYor0800 73 44 78

The email address mail.us@isocnz.org.nz is also operative.

O'Brien assures that both the email address and phone numbers will be "cleared daily" in an effort to provide a vastly improved level of service.

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