ISCONZ, WebWorld settle differences
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Subsiquent to a meeting a couple of weeks ago between Patrick O'Brien, ISOC's full-time trouble-shooter and Peter Belt of Web world, the following joint statement has been issued.

(Joint release, letter to Ed)

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November 15, 1996

ISOCNZ and the Private DNS Co. sat down recently to discuss the issues raised in Mr Peter Belt's recent letter to the Aardvark editor's column. Both organisations were pleased at the outcome of those discussions.

"My real concern was that ISOCNZ viewed us as competition to their DNS registration function, and that there was an implication that services delivered to my company would be inferior to other players in the market" said Peter Belt, Managing Director of the Private DNS Company."

"To protect the interests of my growing customer base, I sought public assurances from ISOCNZ that this was not the case. The discussions were both frank and fruitfull, allowing both parties to explore, understand and respect each others business viewpoints. The outcome provided me with the assurances I need in order to allay any potential for anxiety with my customers".

ISOCNZ's major concern was to ensure that there was no implication of favouritism towards any particular company. Responsibility for the DNS service means that the Society carries out a quasi-regulatory role, touching a number of sensitive issues. The role of its DNS Registration organisation is to ensure that its Domain Name listing organisation provides the *same levels of service to all* customers, within set policy guidelines.

"Positive discussions, positive outcomes" said Patrick O'Brien, General Manager for ISOCNZ's new DNS registration organisation. "In creating this organisation, one thing is uppermost in my mind - to establish a business that provides high levels of service to all, be they individual domain name holders, or value add organisations".

"Peter has my assurance that his Company will be afforded the same levels of service as any other of my customers. I look forward to a continuing dialogue in the future".

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