Survey Results
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The results of last week's survey are in...

Visual appeal4.98.8
Content 7.86.1
Ease of use 4.58.1
Speed 4.87.2
Reliability 5.17.6
Overall 5.59.6
Ratings are averaged from all responses and are on a scale of 0-10

Comments re NBR's site:

  • Almost without exception, respondents to the survey commented on the wealth of content available at the NBR site, many considering it to be one of the most important NZ-based locations on the Net.

  • A number of people complained of performance problems and database crashes.

  • Many Netscape 2.0 users complained that it crashed their browsers - but I think it does advise users to use NS3.0 or MSIE3.0 on the site so caveat emptor.

  • Several people seemed unable to find out exactly how to sign up online. Maybe it's not intuitive enough.

  • The number of complaints about the user-interface and need to click down more than four levels on some occasions probaby accounts for the rather low "ease of use score".

  • 51% of respondents said they will be revisiting the site regularly
Comments re the ClearNet site:
  • Most comments were full of praise for the quality of the web design

  • Several people commented that there was a dearth of NZ sites amongst the links and that the web designers seemed to favour their own sites rather than those of their competitors.

  • Some commented how strange it was that the category listings were identical to those on Xtra

  • 67% of respondents said they would be revisiting the site regularly although comments indicate that this figure may drop if the links aren't regularly updated.

Editor's Comments:

  1. The above table isn't meant to be an NBR versus Clear comparison, it's just a convenient way to display the data. These are two distinctly different sites focusing on dramaticaly different market sectors.

  2. There were a couple of strange submissions which were excluded from the results. One reply from the host ID nbr1.midland.co.nz gave the NBR site 10/10 for everything (strange eh?) while another from the domain clear.co.nz did the same for the clear site. There was a contribution from the xtra.co.nz domain which gave ClearNet a big fat zero on all categories. All of these were discounted from the results, for obvious reasons.

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