The "push" is on
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson

Apart from email, the internet is a "self-service" environment. If you want something, you've got to go and find it yourself. Until recently, the only time that the Net would deliver content to your desktop was when someone sent you an email message - but that's about to change.

Based on the success of the originator of "bringing it to your desktop" technology, Pointcast, a growing number of vendors are now constructing systems that will broadcast content straight to your PC, saving you the effort of fetching it yourself.

Marimba, a startup company formed by some ex-Sun employees has created a Java-based information delivery service and now Netscape, the biggest player in the browser market has announced the development of a product called Constellation.

Constellation offers the same type of "to your desktop" service as PointCast and Netscape have announced that they'll be working with them and Marimba to integrate their services into Netscape 4.0.

This new paradigm in information delivery has been likened to traditional TV broadcasting where Net users can "tune in" to a number of different information "channels".

Let's just hope there aren't too many ad breaks!

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