Voyager fires back at Telecom's core business
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson

Earlier this year when Telecom's Xtra service dropped its prices to an unprecidented $2.50 per hour, John O'Hara said "Always remember, you fired the first shot and the fat lady is yet to sing". At the time, many people dismissed the comment as a bit of grandstanding on O'Hara's part.

A few weeks ago, Voyager said "Look out, we'll soon have some pretty important announcements with respect to internet telephony". Again, the observation was that "maybe they'll do something, maybe it's just hot air".

Well the cynics might well be silenced by Voyagers announcement today of a product which strikes at the very heart of Telecom and Clear's core business.

Voyager Fax, a low-cost fax to fax service covering major NZ centres is a reality and when the system is actually launched on December 15, it will be perfectly positioned to slash many long-distance fax calls by up to 50%.

By using spare capacity on its Internet pipes in conjunction with a purpose-built "smart box" that fits between the fax and the phone socket, Voyager Fax might just cause the Telcos and other Fax Network vendors such as Compass and Netway to rethink their price structures.

It is doubtful whether Voyager Fax will capture a huge percentage of the available market but it shows that Voyager are, at least in this case, honouring their threats.

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