More new services from Voyager/OzEmail
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson

No, today's Aardvark hasn't been sponsored by Voyager, it's just that as quicky as Xtra seem to have lost steam, Voyager are picking up the pace in terms of adding value to their Net product-line.

Today they announced the launch of their ANZWERS search engine which should be online by now at www.anzwers.co.nz

When Aardvark took a sneak look at the site a few weeks back in its beta form it certainly seemed to have a good cross-index of NZ pages, however the ordering of search results appeared somewhat less than optimal - this may have been fixed by now of course.

Voyager says that ANZWERS is customisable and can be licensed by companies (including other ISPs) so as to have their own branding associated with it.

Look for an "NZ Search Engine Shootout" soon in Aardvark Weekly when I'll compare the available offerings on a number of critera.

The third release announced by Voyager today is their dedicated NZ Weather page. Not a bad site which uses several methods of delivering weather information including the now commonplace cartoon-type map with cute little rainclouds etc., plus a colourised satelite picture. The Voyager weather page can be accessed from the Voyager home-page and offers free access for any Net user.

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