Inktomi man hits town
Copyright © 1996 to Bruce Simpson

Inktomi marketing man Kevin Brown was in town yesterday meeting with Voyager, as a follow-up to the launch of their new search engine anzwers.

In a phone conversation with Brown, he made it clear that Inktomi (the company behind the anszwers engine) has a raft of new ideas under development in both the search-engine and Net-marketing arenas.

Brown emphasized the importance of using the interactive nature of the net to accurately target advertising. Rather than just blindly throwing banners up on a page, Inktomi is providing and developing technologies which work to match the advertising content to the profile of the user.

Of course, to get people to their pages, search-engine sites have to be able to offer the most comprehensive and easy to use systems and Inktomi are claiming that their web-crawler robot is the fastest of its type - able to index over ten million web-pages per day.

Brown also mentioned that he was so impressed by New Zealand, its sights and hospitality that he may well become a regular visitor to this part of the world.

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