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Would you like to reduce your company's 0800 telephone call costs by over 90%?

Right now Telecom* charge less than 4 cents per minute for 0800 access to their Xtra internet customers (from anywhere in the country). This seems like great news for all the companies that use 0800 calls to bring customers to their business. Like us, you're probably paying up to 60 cents a minute before discounts for these 0800 calls, but if the real price is around 4 cents perhaps you should have some great savings coming your way.

So if you're paying more than 4 cents a minute for 0800 access anywhere in the country, call Telecom now on 126 and ask them to readjust your prices in the light of what they now offer internet users. Imagine if you were able to save up to 90% of your 0800 phone bill each month. Well done Telecom, not many companies would have the courage to "drop" prices by 90%.

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(*Telecom is a trade name of Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Limited)

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