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Classified Ads Hit The NZ Web
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7 Apr 1998

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The Web sites of most news publishers are losing money and many of them are hoping that putting their classified ads on the Net will reverse that trend.

In Australia, News Limited has even created a classified advertising "mega-site" called newsclassifieds in an attempt to squeeze some profit from their Web presence and no doubt local publishers such as INL, in the form of Wilson & Horton's flagship, the NZ Herald.

Well bad news arrived for INL and the other players today when Trade & Exchange launched their long awaited Web site.

The site offers full listings from both the Auckland and Wellington editions, giving Net users access to around 40,000-50,000 free ads every week.

Donald Brown, the Internet Development Co-ordinator for the company said "We see the Internet as an additional service to the printed paper. Purchasers of the paper will get the most recent ads in the printed copy, and that same paper will appear on our web site at noon the following day."

"Since the ads are free, financial support for the site has to come from other sources. We expect the site to be very heavily used and we are confident that many businesses will welcome the opportunity to be positioned on our site".

The printed editions of Trade & Exchange are already hugely popular and now lays claim to the title of New Zealand's largest "free-ad" papers. It is also one of the highest circulation publications in both Auckland and Wellington.

A full review of the Trade & Exchange site will be online shortly.

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