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Voyager goes 56K
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21 Apr 1998

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Voyager has announced the availability of 56Kbps dial-up Internet access through its Auckland and Wellington points of presence.

In a press release issued yesterday, Voyager announced that the initial 56K support would be based on the X2 standard but would be updated to V90 as soon as the equipment was available - which hopefully won't be too long since at least one X2 equipment manufacturer, 3Com, have already announced the release of its V90 upgrade for ISPs.

The access numbers for the 56K service are Auckland 441-5151 and Wellington 471-0236.

The 56K access is being offered at the same price as existing V34 (33.6K) service. Voyager claim that nationwide 56K access will be available later in the year, but no indication as to exactly when this might be was given.

Unfortunately for many rural users, reliable 56K access may never be a viable option due to the problems introduced by multiple steps in the telphone network and the condition of some circuits in low-population areas.

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