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BPC tows the line at last (almost)
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27 Apr 1998

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After more than a month of wrangling, BPC has finally relented in its refusal to properly maintain its DNS according to reports received over the weekend.

Last week, Aardvark reported on the situation which saw BPC breaching the ISP Code of Practice and RFC 1591 so as to deliberately disadvantage local Web designer WebFoot.

After some negotiation and at least a partial resolution of the dispute between Webfoot and BPC, BPC has updated its DNS to correctly report the locations of Webfoot's web sites and deliver their email.

According to Russell Holland of Webfoot, BPC have yet to forward the email which was being held by BPC during the dispute. This means BPC is still clearly in breach of the ISP COP.

For commentary on this issue please read this week's Aardvark Weekly.

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