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Domainz replies to ISOCNZ critics
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28 Apr 1998

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As reported in news carried by Aardvark last week, and in in this week's Aardvark Weekly, ISOCNZ has been criticised for its lack of action in responding to a breach of the "Net rules" and violation of the ISP Code of Practice by Gisborne ISP BPC.

Patrick O'Brien from Domainz has tendered a Right of Reply in which he puts the ISOCNZ/Domainz case.

According to reports received by Aardvark, Domainz was contacted and asked to become involved in the dispute several weeks ago, however may not be a coincidence that no resolution was actually achieved in until BPC's upstream provider KCCS was asked to become involved.

Whether the resolution was ultimately achieved as a result of Domainz-initiated arbitration or the fact that KCCS has a well deserved reputation for not tollerating incompetence or abuse of the Net is a moot point.

Please read the Domainz Right of Reply

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