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Last Updated: 27 October 2003
Added 2 new gas-turbine links

Note: as of February 15, 2001 clicking on any of the 3rd-party links in the list below will start a new instance of your browser. This is done so that you can return to this page simply by closing that window instead of having to repeatedly pound the "Back" button.

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In order to try and make this site as useful as possible to others who might want to build jet engine of some description, or are just interested in the topic, I've included the following links.

Pulse Jet Sites

  • Valveless Pulsejet
    Andreas has built a Lockwood valveless pulsejet working from the patent documents and it seems to work very well. Nice webpage, good pictures and even some video as well.

  • Argus Valvehead Castings
    David Brill says he is about to make a short run of castings for those wanting to make a 2/3-sized replica of the Argus V1 pulsejet engine.

  • Pablo's Valveless Pulsejet
    This Spanish language site documents the construction and operation of a valvless engine known as The Chinese Valveless". You can translate the pages to English using the Google Translation service.

  • Michael's Pulsejet
    A site in French that contains pictures and video of Michael's pulsejet engine and an F16 model airplane.

  • Another Pulsejet Project
    This is a weblog of what happens when 2 people decide to burn their fingers on what is said to be the most simple jet engine concept ever invented

  • Eric's Pulsejet Site
    Eric Beck's pulsejet page with rendered images and pictures of his work to date.

  • Pulsejet Powered Penny Farthing
    Yes, believe it or not, this Joff is planning to mount a Lockwood-style pulsejet on his Penny Farthing bicycle! (and you thought I was crazy!)

  • Ground Zero
    Dewey King has been building quite a few different pulsejet engines and documents them on his website. His use of one to provide power for an RC glider is rather novel.

  • Pulse Jet Project
    This guy's building a 6-foot long pulsejet to throw on a car. Looks like a nice job -- but he's going to be disappointed with the meagre 30lbs of thrust he'll get from an engine with a 3 inch tailpipe.

  • Sherman's Pulse Reactor
    A home-made valveless pulse jet modeled on the Hiller/Lockwood pulse reactor design.

    A Spanish site (use this link for an automatic translation to English) which has a useful list of pulsejet manufacturers and some other information.

  • The Hiller-Lockwood Pulse Reactor
    This engine is really a valveless pulse-jet that was investigated as a propulsion source by the US military shortly after WW2. This site has some very interesting diagrams and a picture of one prototype unit glowing madly. Another picture can be found here.

  • A Jet-powered Gokart
    There's little more than a picture on this page but it shows a gokart powered by a valveless pulse-jet engine which looks like a variation of the Hiller-Lockwood pulse reactor design (above).

  • Pulse Jet Engines
    Richard Caine has an excellent page with plenty of pictures and some explanations of how pulsejets work.

  • The "Vergeltungs Waffen" (Retaliation Weapons) data base
    Some original documents with pictures and plans for the V1 pulse-jet powered missile of WW2.

  • Toine Martens RC model Airplanes from Amsterdam
    Lots of model airplane material with plenty of pulse-jet and small gas-turbine stuff as well. Certainly worth a look.

  • Home made jet & pulse jet engine Highly Recommended
    Kenneth's site is one of the best on the Web if you're interested in pulsejet engines. He also has stuff on turbo-jets, pressure-jets and other engine types, as well as a really good range of pulsejet plans you can download for free. Also check out his discussion forum which is usually pretty active.

  • Peter's Hobby Page
    Peter is building a PV8 pulsejet.

  • Pulsejet/Ramjet project
    This guy has some interesting ideas on the construction of a combined pulse/ram jet engine.

  • The Gluhareff Pressure Jet Engine
    A commercial site that will sell you plans for a unique "pressure jet" engine that can be built in several sizes.

  • Homebult Jet Engines
    Windspire is another site offering to sell plans for a range of jet engines you can build yourself.

  • Pulse Combustion
    Some interesting background on the theory of pulse-combustion.

  • Palmer High's Pulse Jet engine
    An interesting high-school pulse jet engine project.

  • Plans For A Pulse Jet Engine
    Construction blueprints for a pulse-jet engine.

  • DynaFog
    DynaFog are the original manufacturers of the world-famous DynaJet pulsejet engine which enjoyed popularity amongst model airplane enthusiasts in the 1960s.

  • A pre-formed Google search
    Searches Google for the term "pulsejet engine"

  • A pre-formed Google Usenet search
    Searches AltaVista for the term "pulsejet" within the usenet newsgroups. Results are ordered by date -- most recent first.

  • Pulsejets on eBay
    Searches for the term "pulsejet" on eBay.

  • Inside the pulsejet engine
    An interesting document written by Fredrick Westberg and presented here as a download (900Kbytes) in Adobe PDF format.

  • The Pulsejets Yahoo Group
    An online community for the discussion of pulsejet engines using the Yahoo Groups service (formerly eGroups).

Home-made Gas Turbine Sites

  • Nick's Jet Kart
    This is Nick Haddock's very impressive turbocharger-turbine powered gokart. Nick was an expert on the same episode of Scrapheap Challenge as me and we had a ball!.
    Added 27 October, 2003

  • Jetped-Boarders
    This is the site for jet-powered GoPeds. You knew someone had to do it right?
    Added 27 October, 2003

  • Bret Kahler's Turbo Turbine
    Bret is just another crazy guy building a jet engine from a turbocharger on a very limited budget and he's documenting the process on his website.

  • A DIY Gas-turbine-powered motorcycle
    This guy from Australia has stuck a *big* turbocharger-based gas turbine engine in a motorcycle frame. Now that's cool!

  • Clint Davis's Turbo Turbine
    Clint is studying aerospace maintenance which is probably a good thing for someone who builds their own turbocharger-based gas turbine engines.

  • TurboKart
    Here's a slick turbine-powered gokart project. Check out the video on the videos page

  • First Experiments with a Turbocharger
    This guy has documented his initial experiences with his turbocharger-based gas turbine engine.

  • Chris Haley's Homebuilt Turbine
    Chris is working on turbo-turbines and pulsejets which he's documenting on this website.

  • Jetman's Aviation Page
    Michael has scratch-built several gas-turbine engines, along with a rocket-motor and a reaction-powered helicopter. Certainly worth a look.

  • Turbojet Technologies
    These guys are offering plans from which you can build your own turbo-based gas-turbine engine. The site is currently "under development" and the AVIs won't work unless you've got an ATI video card but its worth a visit.

  • Mitch's Jet Engine
    Mitch is building a turbo-turbine from a 1985 Nissan 300Z turbo in shop class at school.

  • Dan's Jet Turbine Engine
    Built in three weeks from a Cummins turbocharger, Dan's engine puts out about 50lbs of thrust at full throttle.

  • Simon Jansen's Turbocharger Gas Turbine project
    Simon has recently joined the ranks of those crazy enough to build a turbocharger-based gas turbine engine. This site has some excellent explanations of how these things work.

  • John Williamson's Page
    John has some great engine pictures on this page including a Shreckling home-built turbine, a Plessey Dynamics Solent APU, and some pulse-jet stuff. John had a motor-bike accident is now thinking of hooking the Solent up to his wheelchair!

  • Paul's KJ66 Page
    Paul's pages have some good background and lots of pictures of his home-built KJ66 gas turbine engine

  • The Berndt Turbine Project
    This is an excellent site detailing Robert Berndt's rather impressive and "big" turbo-based engine.

  • Mark Nye's Engines Highly Recommended
    Some of the biggest and best turbo-based engines on the Web along with masses of really useful and inspiring material including excellent pictures. This guy is a turbine-fanatic -- check out the "real" jet-boats!

  • Home-built Turbine By Chris
    Another nicely engineered turbo-based engine -- but there are some big images on this site so be prepared to wait for it to load.

  • Kevin's Home-made Turbine
    Kevin admits his turbocharger unit is tired but it still works.

  • Mike's Home-made Turbine
    Mike says "Yes, you too can build your own turbojet engine! I did it, and if I can almost anyone can."

  • Small Gas Turbine Homepage
    This Web-Site is here to allow people who build and operate small jet engines of all types to communicate and help each other. And to find plans, help or other interesting links. A great resource!

  • Hobby Gas Turbines
    Ian Bennett's Gas Turbine Collecting and Operating Home Page

  • Turbocharger Turbine Page
    A range of gas turbine resources

  • Gas Turbine And Live Steam Page
    Looking for a turbine-powered ride-on mower? You'll find it, and more, right here!

  • Yet Another DIY Turbo Charger Turbine Page
    Patrick says "Twenty years after realizing a gas turbine could be built from a turbo charger, I finally built one."

  • Project TJ-1
    A home-made gas turbine engine built from a car turbo. Not updated since 1997 but interesting none the less.

  • A Turbine powered bicycle?
    Yes, these folks added a home-built gas-turbine engine (complete with afterburner) to their bicycle.

  • Yet another homebuilt gas turbine
    Some great detail pictures of a homebuilt gas-turbine and a pulse-jet but the text is not in English so it's a bit hard (for me) to figure out what story lies behind the images.

  • David Barr's Turbo-turbine
    David is a Nuclear Engineer who works for the Royal Mail in Britain (go figure!). He has built a gas-turbine engine from a Garret turbo out of a Ford Escort.

  • YahooGroups Highly Recommended
    Join the excellent turbine-builders online community at the YahooGroups (formerly eGroups) site. This is a web or mailing list based discussion forum where we talk about our problems, successes and failures.

  • The Tesla Turboshaft Project
    David Young has been experimenting with the use of a Tesla turbine in an attempt to build a self-sustaining turbojet engine. The site hasn't been updated for quite a while but it's a very interesting read and a well documented project.

Other Interesting/Useful sites

  • Jet-powered Bar Stool
    Here's the world's only jet-powered bar-stool. Warning, don't drink and drive ;-)

  • JetRacers
    This is a YahooGroups site which invites all those who are interested in racing jet-powered gokarts to join up.

  • Mike's Gas Turbine Hobby Page
    Check out Mikes impressive collection of gas turbine engines of all shapes and sizes.

  • Jet Kart And Bike
    This site has pictures and video of a pressure-jet powered gokart and mountain bike. Having built my own jet-kart I think Mr Gluehareff's claims that he got 45 mph with just 15lbs of thrust are a trifle optimistic.

  • Patent Search
    There are a lot of interesting patents that can be retrieved by searching for "pulse-jet" or "jet engine" here.

  • Jet Kart
    A gokart powered by an 80HP APU turbine and which the builders hope will set a new world record for turbine-powered vehicles weighing less than 500 KG (half a ton). (Nice sound files on this site).

  • Balancing rotating assemblies
    How to use an oscilloscope to perform dynamic balancing on rotating assemblies such as turbocharger wheels and shafts (great, and highly useful stuff).

  • A Jet-powered Motorcycle
    Anyone interested in a road-bike with a 300 HP gas-turbine engine installed? Seriously insane stuff!

  • Geoff's e-jet
    Electric cars have not yet lived up to the promise of providing a practical alternative to their fossil-fueled peers so this owner of what looks like a GM EV1 decided to spice up his car's performance and range by adding two small gas-turbine engines. Go Geoff! :-)

  • National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
    This is an amazing compilation of NACA documents covering the timespan from 1917 to 1958, many of which were previously classified. Search for "gas turbine" or "jet" and you'll find some excellent research material (in PDF).

  • Principles of jet engine operation
    Some interesting theory and diagrams explaining how gas-turbine jet engines work.

  • How it Works: Small Gas Turbine Engine (APU)
    An excellent explanation (with pictures) of how a small APU (auxiliary power unit) gas turbine engine is constructed and operates.

  • The Bell CB47 Gas Turbine engine
    An excellent site detailing the inner workings of one of the most popular turboshaft engines in helicopter aviation. It's interesting to see just how simple a "real" gas turbine engine can be.

  • The EuroJet 200 powerplant
    Lots of interesting information on the engine that is designed to power the new Eurofighter.

  • TTL Engine Development News
    A daring new gas turbine engine design with 320 lbs of thrust and oriented towards homebuilt and small aircraft.

  • The Whittle W2/700 Jet Engine
    Some nice pictures of an original Frank Whittle engine, including one shot of the engine running.

If you know of others, please contact me with the details and I'll add them.

If you have your own site with pulse jet or turbine related material on it (or not) then please feel free to link to this site. If your site isn't listed here then I'll be happy to add it -- just drop me a line

If you're planning to build, or having trouble with a homebuilt jet engine then feel free to leave a question in the help forum where you're sure to get some assistance.

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