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SINGAPORE, 30 May 2000 (PRN): ThatWeb.Com, a wholly owned subsidiary of
Aztech Systems Limited (SESDAQ: AZTECH), is taking the company to the next
level of Internet evolution by expanding itself from a successful email
retrieval solutions to an application service provider (ASP). It is
expanding its services to offer its technology to portal sites, Internet
Service Providers (ISPs), cyber-cafes, kiosks, governments and interactive
service providers that need to integrate cutting-edge email access and
instant messaging to its users.

ThatWeb.Com's mission is to develop innovative products to satisfy market
needs and achieve customer satisfaction in the Internet industry.
Previously known as a premier email retrieval website, the company has
invested S$2 million on research and development to develop a host of
services and products that would expand its market.

Uni.Mail, Uni.WapMail, Uni.Verse, Uni@ddress, LoadMagic, Msg121 and
EagleEye are unique solutions developed by ThatWeb.Com and these new
solutions will be showcased at CommunicAsia 2000 from June 6 to June 9,
2000. "We are continuously growing," said Dixon Hong, ThatWeb.Com's
director. "These new products are the first wave of solutions that we're
offering to address the needs of businesses, big or small, regardless of
location or industry."

ThatWeb.Com believes that it is contributing to the knowledge-based
economy by developing solutions that will enable easier transfer of
knowledge, shorten lapse time in business dealings and the way people do
business. Mr Hong added, "We're committed to leverage our experience and
technology resources to offer users innovative, ground-breaking solutions
to help them grow."

More about ThatWeb.Com

ThatWeb.Com, an Internet communications applications service provider, is
a pioneer in providing an integrated and user-friendly web-based
communication solutions for Internet businesses and users worldwide. Its
comprehensive Internet communication solutions include email retrieval,
instant messaging, corporate solutions and a broad range of web-based
efficiency tools. ThatWeb.Com also partners with Internet businesses
through its Branded Solutions, Product and Software Licensing and
Franchising programmes. ThatWeb.Com, established in November 1998, is a
wholly owned subsidiary of Aztech Systems Ltd.

For more information, contact:

Fletcher Khoo
+65 843 1113

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