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OzEmail and Myer Grace Bros Announce Joint Marketing Initiative

OzEmail, a wholly owned subsidiary of UUNET, an MCI WorldCom company,
today announced that its consumer business OzEmail Internet had undertaken
a major joint marketing initiative with Myer Grace Bros.

The deal sees Myer Grace Bros customers getting a significant advantage
with the introduction of the OzEmail Annual Net Ticket, to be included
with all computer sales.

The Ticket gives purchasers 201 bonus hours of Internet access in the
first month, with 12 free hours per month for the remaining 11 months.
There is no registration fee and a small excess usage fee is charged
should the customer exceed their allocation of free hours.  Details will
be available with the Internet Starter Kit provided to enable customers to
take advantage of the offer.

OzEmail Internet General Manager, Justin Milne, said the initiative was
beneficial and strategic for both parties, and a plus for computer

"The OzEmail Annual Net Ticket cements our long relationship with Myer
Grace Bros, and gives them a unique added value offering in a competitive
marketplace where margins are being whittled away," commented Mr Milne.

"This initiative is another stage in OzEmail's commitment to making the
Internet accessible and affordable for all Australians, and we are happy
to be partnering Myer Grace Bros, a quality retailer, in this venture.
The retail channel is an important facet of our business. "

The OzEmail Annual Net Ticket will be included with computer sales in all
Myer, Grace Bros and Megamart stores that stock computer hardware.

"We anticipate this promotion will be a positive influence on our already
strong computer sales, with the OzEmail Annual Net Ticket exclusive to
Myer Grace Bros, giving our customers something over and above other
offers in the marketplace," commented National Computer Buyer for Myer
Grace Bros, Peter Geer.  "It's a great incentive for people to get online
and should prove a persuasive selling tool for our staff."

"OzEmail is a reliable ISP and we know our customers will enjoy their top
quality service."

The OzEmail Annual Net Ticket will be on offer with computer sales from
June 1.

About OzEmail Internet

OzEmail Pty Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of UUNET, an MCI WorldCom

Friendly and customer-focused, OzEmail Internet connects Australian
consumers to the Internet.  OzEmail Internet strives to provide a premium
quality service, superior customer support and a suite of value-added
benefits to help all Australians access the full potential of the

In 1999, OzEmail Internet was voted Best Overall ISP by Internet.au
magazine for the second year running.

FFI Contact:  Diana Stanbridge at OzEmail Internet on (02) 9433 2461 or
e-mail dstanbridge@ozemail.com.au

Peter Geer at Myer Grace Bros on (03) 9661 4557 or e-mail

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