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From an independent review (http://www.websmostlinked.com) AdvantageŽ has
been awarded a global popularity rating of 39,870 out of over 400,000

This is a fantastic result and ranks us ahead of the following New Zealand

41,130		PCWorld.co.nz
46,437		Computerland.co.nz
48,449		Compaq.co.nz
56,502		Gamezone.co.nz
62,428		DSE.co.nz
84,082		Flyingpig.co.nz
86,078		Zones.co.nz
98,815		Xtra.co.nz
99,713		Computercity.co.nz
125,221	Networksdirect.co.nz
130,195	Microdirect.co.nz
190,781	NZHerald.co.nz

We see our success as being first to market through continued improvement
of our product and services. Our time is spent listening to our customers
needs and finding ways of delivering on their requests. We focus on two
core issues in our daily tasks, which are trying to be intimate with our
customer's needs and also operationally excellent which we see as two
cornerstone issues in building our future.

Our web site is just an extension of the above. We are fully integrating
our site with all our other systems and trying to also extend our site to
be a valuable tool for our customers. It will not only be the customers
ordering, pricing and product sourcing tool but it will be the complete
interface managing all the databases dynamically through one portal.

We are proud to have been an early adopter of websites and E-Commerce on
the Internet way back in 1994. We receive over 200,000 site hits a week
with 80% New Zealand based traffic. Which is ideal, as we do not sell our
products overseas.

Our website has over a thousand products listed for sale via E-Commerce on
our website with 80% having product specifications and images. The
E-Commerce site has generated sales in excess of $400,000 per month.

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