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EMAIL IMPACT Introduces New Zealand’s First “Opt-In” Direct
Email Network For Consumers

Email Impact Limited, the New Zealand leader in opt-in
email marketing, launched its consumer website today –
http://www.optinnz.com – with a call for consumers to
become Opt-In NZ members.

“As New Zealand’s first opt-in email network, Opt-In NZ
offers consumers a fast, free, and easy way to get the
latest news and special offers on products and services on
the New Zealand Internet.  Consumers can select from over
500 categories of information that interest them, and get
the news delivered straight to their inbox—saving them
hundreds of hours of often confused surfing,” says Managing
Director, Tom Skotidas.

“The launch of our site marks a new era in New Zealand e-
commerce.  Unlike other services that spam users with
unsolicited junk email, Opt-In NZ sends messages only to
those consumers who have ‘opted-in,’ that is, specifically
requested information about particular topics.  Anyone who
wants to be removed from a list can do so quickly and
easily by sending a simple email or visiting the website to

Opt-In NZ membership is free for anyone to join, and
involves completing a very simple 30-second questionnaire.
This information enables Opt-In NZ to provide members with
tailored offers and information about products and services
that interest them.

“Now, consumers can choose the type of email content they
receive without fear of spam or irrelevant ads.  Opt-In NZ
gives consumers total control and greater variety over
their commercial email messages.  And this is just the
beginning—Opt-In NZ’s service will continue to develop as
members provide additional feedback and as we add more
topical lists,” says Mr. Skotidas.

“In the last seven days, hundreds of kiwis have visited Opt-
In NZ to pre-register as members.  Many of these members
have commented on our easy sign up procedure and many more
have sent us emails praising the concept.  This alone
confirmed our expectations: kiwis welcome opt-in email in
lieu of spam.”

Email Impact Limited is the New Zealand leader in opt-in
email marketing, and is based in Wellington.  To join Opt-
In NZ, go to: http://www.optinnz.com

For further information contact:

Tom Skotidas, Managing Director
Email Impact Limited
Tel: 04-477-9999 / Mob: 025-284-3629

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