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24 July 2000

For Immediate Release

IIA Calls for User Participation in Global Domain Name

The Internet Industry Association, today called upon all
Australian internet users to register as 'at large members' of
ICANN, the international domain name body to help ensure that
Australia could maintain a voice in shaping international
domain name policy.

"It is important that Australia has a voice in international
domain name issues. It is even more important that we are
recognised as a credible voice in the region. Ultimately
domain name stable policy will assist in the orderly
development of e-commerce and the net generally, which is why
the IIA has supported ICANN's efforts to date," said IIA
executive director, Peter Coroneos.

The IIA also announced its endorsement of Ms Liz Williams' for
election to the ICANN board. ICANN is the international self
regulatory body set up to manage international domain name
issues.  Ms Williams is the chair of the IIA e-commerce
virtual taskforce, and is very well regarded in the industry,
being the formed head of BT's regulatory affairs division for
the Asia Pacific.

Mr Coroneos said that Ms Williams will stand as an 'at-large'
candidate for the Asia Pacific region's allocated directorship
of ICANN. "Presently the number of Australian at-large members
was very low and we need lots of people to register so that we
can ensure Liz's votes are maximised. Australia has less than
500 people signed up as registered at-large members, compared
with over 4000 in Japan and over 600 in South Korea."

"If we are not more active, the at-large directorship for our
region will go to one of these nations" said Mr Coroneos.
"Having another Aussie on board will support the efforts that
both Greg Crew and Paul Twomey have been working tirelessly to
achieve, much to their credit. "But it is important that we
maintain the momentum," he said.

Mr Coroneos pointed out that the eligibility criteria for
registration to vote were very low. Registration was a "two
minute exercise". Anyone who holds a valid email address and
is over 16 can register to vote in the ballot, which takes
place at the end of the month. Registrations can be made at


About the IIA
The Internet Industry Association is Australia's national
Internet industry organisation. Members include
telecommunications carriers; content creators and publishers;
web developers; e-commerce traders and solutions providers;
hardware vendors; systems integrators; banks, insurance
underwriters; Internet law firms, ISPs; educational and
training institutions; Internet research analysts; and a range
of other businesses providing professional and technical
support services. On behalf of its members, the IIA provides
policy input to government and advocacy on a range of business
and regulatory issues, to promote laws and initiatives which
enhance access, equity, reliability and growth of the medium
within Australia.

For further comment contact:

Mr Peter Coroneos
Executive Director
Internet Industry Association (IIA)
Phone: +61 2 6232 6900
(for TTY callers, please call 133 677
and ask for 6232 6900)


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