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MEDIA RELEASE  11-September 2000


A new title focusing on the ever-changing world of digital technology with
an emphasis on Australian lifestyle, will launch tomorrow. eON Magazine
will become the first and only Australian magazine to focus on digital

"We are here to fill a void in this market.  We have dozens of titles that
focus on computer technology and the Internet.  I use a computer
regularly, but I would never read these magazines - they are far too
technical for most people.  I'm not interested in gigabytes and megahertz.
 But I am interested in the latest trends in digital technology.  I want
to know what will become of our mobile phones in the future or when we can
we expect to throw away the keyboard and start talking to our computers.
In other words, how will digital technology affect me and how will it make
my life better?" editor Daniel Abrahams said while discussing the launch.

eON will hit the newsstands on September 12, nationwide.

The eON idea has been developed over the last 10 months.  The magazine
will capture Australian life in the digital age, with an emphasis on
technology and style.  It features stories dealing with many of the
digital interests of the 18-35 age group.  All the stories have a unique
Australian flavour, supplemented with regular sections discussing the
latest music, movies, DVD's and videogames to hit Australia.

"This is really a magazine for innovative people.  We are like the 'Vogue'
of IT, but with attitude," Mr Abrahams said.

Unlike many new magazines hitting the newsagents lately, eON is not
spending millions of dollars to promote the title.

"We are trying to set the trend here and the only way to do that is to let
people create that trend.  There are lots of innovative, technology savvy
people in Australia.  These are the people that will read eON and it won't
take long for them to find us," Mr Abrahams said.

For further information please visit the website at www.eonmag.com.au

For further media inquiries contact Daniel Abrahams, ph: 0416 123 643.

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