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10 OCTOBER 2000
Falling Dollar Forces Ihug Review

A record fall in the value of the New Zealand dollar is one of the key
factors behind cost cutting measures announced by Ihug today.

The company has confirmed it is now reviewing staff numbers in the wake of
the dollar's recent slump.  Since the start of the year, the embattled New
Zealand dollar has plummeted 22 per cent against the greenback.

The dollar crisis has had a big impact on Ihug's operating costs. The
company - New Zealand's second largest Internet service provider - buys
large amounts of bandwidth and hardware, all in US dollars.

Ihug currently employs more than 350 staff both in New Zealand and
Australia. The company has warned it may have to shed around 60 jobs. More
details will be passed to staff as review work is completed over the next
day or two.

Ihug Director Nick Wood says Ihug will continue to be a leader in
providing cheaper, faster Internet access. But he says the falling dollar
has forced the company to refocus on core activities.

Mr Wood says Ihug will be offering support and advice to any worker whose
job is lost.

"We have held off on restructuring for as long as possible," he says.

"We are a privately owned NZ company and we must run in the black, unlike
our bigger foreign owned competitors.  In these tough economic times,
that means running a tight ship. It is unfortunate but unavoidable. We
will naturally do everything we can to assist those affected by the job

Mr Wood says Ihug staff are well trained and frequently in demand from
other telecommunications companies and new start-up ventures. He is
hopeful many of the staff will quickly find work elsewhere in the

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