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                       NATIONWIDE NEWS STABLE ONLINE

Regional newspaper readers in major centres throughout New Zealand now
have their own local news website.

Extended  functionality  on the www.MyTown.co.nz regional website
announced today,  is  another major step in advancing Wilson and Horton
Interactive's plans to create the definitive multimedia database on New
Zealand Wilson  and  Horton  Interactive  Operations Manager Anna Curnow
said.  "18 regionally  focused  publications  are  now  able  to  place
their content (pictures  and  editorial)  into  their  own  MyTown site,
giving the net a uniquely local NZ news service.  Each publication will be
loading their own content  into the MyTown sites, individually retaining
editorial control of the sites for their communities."

"Bringing  our  regional  newspapers  onto  the site represents an
exciting opportunity  for  us  to  extend our brands and long-standing
relationships within the regions that we operate and to extend our
coverage into this new media  environment."  said  Martin  Simons,  CEO
Wilson and Horton Regional Newspapers.

www.MyTown.co.nz  features  individual sites for Auckland, Hamilton, Bay
of Plenty,  Hawke's Bay, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, with
Northland, Rotorua, Taupo and Wanganui coming online early next year.

Martin  Simons,  CEO  Wilson  and  Horton  Regional  Newspapers  said
this development   leverages   off  Wilson  and  Horton's  established
national strength.   "This  move reinforces our goal of being the best
news provider to  the  communities  we  serve  around  New Zealand across
multiple media. Editorial  staff  from  around  the  regions have been
trained both to load their  own  content  into  the  site,  as well as in
the issues relating to online  editorial and different opportunities the
net offers.  Content will be  largely  taken  from the local papers with
regional editors planning to use  the  site  as a fresh media format
enabling unique approaches to local issues."

More  regional developments will follow from Wilson and Horton
Interactive, Operations  Manager   Anna Curnow said. "This is a
significant and exciting move  for  us. It's been wonderful to work with
our regional editors to get the  site  to  this point, where we are
leading the charge of local NZ news and  issues onto the net. Everyone
involved has shown a huge commitment and enthusiasm for the challenges
involved in a business expansion such as this and  we  are  already
working  on the next steps.  We'll be bringing local classified listings
through to the site and appropriate advertising options will be available
to local advertisers through the local Sales teams."

The  IRN  breaking  news  feed remains a valuable resource in the
Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin sites.

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