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07 November, 2000

Ihug unveils New High-Speed Service in
Wellington, Christchurch.

The Internet is about to get a lot faster and a lot more affordable for
schools and residents in Wellington and Christchurch.

The two regions are this week the latest to receive Ihug's new high-speed
Internet service - Ultra.  The launch follows weeks of work, setting up
transmission towers in both the Wellington and Christchurch areas.

The service to home computers comes via a small 35cm satellite dish.  Now
you can download music, live video or games in no time at all.  Wellington
and Christchurch customers can expect speeds up to 50 times faster than a
standard Internet connection.

They can also look forward to very affordable prices - the Ultra service
is now available for as little as $39.95 for 30 hours access a month.

Heavy Internet users can sign on for 300 hours a month for $59.95.

Ultra is already providing popular with schools, because the service
allows them to network their classrooms with high speed Internet for a
fraction of the normal cost.

Ihug currently has more than 60 schools using the service.


Most Christchurch residents will now be able to receive an Ultra signal
from the new tower at Port Hills.

Ihug is also beaming its signal to Wellington residents with towers on the
Kau Kau and Fitzherbert hills.  Anyone with line-of-site of their towers
will be able to receive ultra with a small satellite dish on their roof.

For Internet users who do not have line of sight, Ihug provides a
direct-from-satellite service as well.

For more information on these towers and coverage locations, check our


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