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4 December 2000
New Online Venture Targets Movie Fans

A new dialup Internet service will be launched today (Monday) by New
Zealand's Video Ezy.

The new EZYNET service will offer customers Internet access and free new-
release videos, as part of a flat rate package costing just $24.95 a

Other features include up to 5 email addresses per customer, and 10MB of
free web space for anyone wanting to build a website.

Video Ezy Director Russell Clark says the new move is aimed at providing
customers with "'the best of both screens"'

"The Ezynet package offers a total family entertainment solution," he

"Now you can go online and surf your favourite movie sites, or review the
latest releases."

 "The new service combines dialup Internet access and free monthly movies,
 making it one of the most affordable and entertaining products on offer."

Mr Clark says the Ezynet website (www.ezynet.co.nz) will feature
comprehensive information on new movies.  The website will also allow
e-mail updates when new titles arrive, along with chat rooms for movie

Customers don't even need a home computer to take advantage of the new

Video Ezy - New Zealand's largest video and DVD rental franchise - is now
selling the new Ihug "surfboards' which allow people to surf the Internet
on their home television rather than on a computer.

The surfboards cost far less than a computer ($699 including GST) and are
simple and easy to use.

Customers can join Ezynet by visiting the website or phoning the toll free
number:  0800 4 EZYNET.

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