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Soapbox.co.nz to launch in the first quarter 2001

Column.co.nz founder David Buckingham, and web developer Patrick Quinn-Graham
have today announced a joint venture to develop Soapbox.co.nz

Webmaster Patrick Quinn-Graham says the new site will enable users to submit
their opinion columns online – to appear immediately, search online opinion
columns and will allow users to reply to columns live. The site will also
offer superior visitor interaction with optional email alerts.

The design will find a perfect balance between functionality and ease of

The content of Column.co.nz will be migrated to the new site,
Soapbox.co.nz upon the launch, which will then replace Column.co.nz.

David Buckingham 021 80-80-90
Patrick Quinn-Graham 021 112-6183

Column.co.nz was founded in September 2000, to provide a channel for users
to post opinion columns on to the Internet, without censorship or fee. It
has grown faster than originally expected, and now provides a channel for
many users. Column.co.nz focuses mainly on political opinion, but provides
for others as a need arises.

David Buckingham has used the Internet for the past five years, and has
seen the .com industry develop. He believes firmly that the American .com
model of borrowing millions, giving a champagne lifestyle to 200 employees
and expecting to make all the money back in banner ads is inherently flawed
– and will be the downfall of such sites. He believes that to be profitable
on the web, it is necessary to take a cost minimisation approach. Based
in Christchurch - Buckingham will focus on content acquisitions, taking
the role as Content Manager.

Patrick Quinn-Graham has been using the Internet since way back in 1994,
and has seen the rise and fall of many great sites, by and large due to
bad designs. He believes firmly in the ideals of the fast loading, good
looking, easy to use World Wide Web that Tim Berners-Lee originally
envisioned. He also believes in a champagne lifestyle – but not at a
company’s expense. Based in Auckland – Quinn-Graham will focus on
technology and design, taking on the role as Technology Manager.

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