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"Spam" Attack Prompts Suspension By Domainz.

6 September 2001
A "spam" attack on thousands of New Zealand internet name-holders has
resulted in would-be Australian internet service provider, the Internet
Name Group, being suspended by Domainz, New Zealand's Internet domain name

Domainz chief executive, Derek Locke said he had received a large number
of complaints from people and organisations that had been sent both emails
and letters late last week, referring to their existing .nz domain names.

Headed up "Protect Your Domain Name", the correspondence had given many
recipients the impression that they were in danger of losing their
registered domain names. The Internet Name Group was asking for a $250.00
fee to cover what they called a "pre-registration fee".

Mr Locke said Domainz had sent the Group a letter requesting an
explanation of how they proposed to remedy what was a clear breach of
their agreement as a .nz service provider.

"We put a deadline of 5pm Tuesday on that and when they did not respond
adequately, we suspended them. If we do not have a satisfactory
explanation within 21 days, they will no longer be an accredited
provider," said Mr Locke.

"Sending out large numbers of letters to nameholders is clearly contrary
to The Internet Name Group's obligations under their .nz provider
agreement with Domainz," he said.

"All providers agree not to act in a way that will be detrimental to the
integrity or the performance of the register or the Internet generally,
and to act in good faith towards nameholders and others.

Mr Locke said Domainz had no particular wish to exercise these remedies,
but since the Internet Name Group's conduct has upset a number of
nameholders and other service providers then action had to be taken.

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