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Domainz Comments On Second ING Spamming
26 April 2002

An Australian-based Internet Service Provider has "spammed" thousands of
.nz Internet domain name-holders with an unsolicited letter, creating
fear and uncertainty, in a bid to extract money from New Zealand
Internet users.

The chief executive of .nz domain registry Domainz, Derek Locke, said
today that New Zealand name holders should ignore the letter headed
"Registration Advice" that had come from Internet Name Protection Pty
Ltd today.

"The letter asks for $125.00 and is calculated to instil doubt in name
holders' minds and designed to extract money," he said.

He said that Domainz was considering legal action against the service
provider which Domainz believed was the same provider that was suspended
last year for sending unsolicited bulk mail to .nz domain name holders.
That provider was Internet Name Group.

"We are pursuing investigating all legal avenues to put a stop to these
people," he said.  "We've had over 300 calls today from people who are
concerned about this unsolicited mail". Yet another fear-based 'spam
attack' by already suspended internet service provider, ING  has been
met with legal action by prompted the.nz domain registry, Domainz to
investigate legal options to prevent the sending of unsolicited bulk e-mail
to .nz domain name holders.

"In our view This irresponsible Australian-based service provider is
being completely irresponsible unscrupulous in its pursuit of business
in New Zealand," said Mr Locke. He said ING had tried the same tactic
several months ago with a spam attack that involved a letter headed up
"Protect Your Domain Name". "We suspended ING then as a .nz provider
last year and they remain suspended.  We understand from a recent press
release that They are also suspended in their home country and currently
subject to an investigation by the Australian Consumer and Competition
Commission" said Mr Locke.

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