Press Release  
  Dated: Wed 18 Feb 1998
   From: Industrial Press Ltd

IDG/PC World - Misleading Advertising!

The Advertising Standards Complaints Board today released its decision upholding one of several claims of misleading advertising made against IDG/PC World. The complaint was made by IT publishers Industrial Press Ltd.

In particular, in relation to the print advertisement concerned, the Board held that the advertisement degraded competitors in breach of guide lines (a) and (d) of the code for comparative advertising. The panel was further concerned that this type of advertising could bring the media industry into disrepute - particularly so, given that PC World has a wide consumer readership.

Phil Ryan of Industrial Press notes, "This decision sends a clear message that negative and disparaging advertising is not acceptable in business. Iím quite surprised and disappointed that it needed the Advertising Standards Complaints Board to inform IDG of this."

It was submitted that both locally and internationally IDG has a reputation for integrity in its business practises and quality and leadership of products. However, the Panel further held that the advertisement concerned did not set appropriate standards.

The panel also noted that brand confusion was a significant element in this complaint. Whilst it was unprepared to uphold IPLís further submissions as to brand confusion leading to inaccurate readership figures the Panel recommended that IDG should avoid compounding the problem by paying particular attention to consistent naming of mastheads in advertising and editorial.

For further information or a full copy of the decision contact:

Phil Ryan
Managing Director
Industrial Press Ltd
PO Box 9870

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