Ardvark Reviews: Harvest Cider
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Cider Yes, that's right - I'm not reviewing a computer product this week, I'm reviewing a drink! This just goes to show that yes, Aardvark is able to be bribed, but only in matters of taste.

When the nice folks at Harvest Cider sent me a few bottles of their cider I was rather keen to refamiliarise my palette with a drop of "youth's folly". The last time I had a drink of cider was when I still had all my hair - and that's going back a bit!

Well it appears that cider has come a long way since my younger days, when it was little more than a very cheap way to get "happy". These days my tastes have turned to "trendier" beverages such as method champanois and I fully expected this cider to be a punchy fruit-drink, but I was wrong!

Even taking into account that a free drink always tastes better than one you have to pay for I have to say that I am impressed. My memories of cider were those of a sickly-sweet fluid which tasted and smelt strongly of fruit and sugars, and which was best served freezing cold so as to numb the taste-buds.

I was pleasantly surprised when the Harvest Cider turned out to be an extremely light, refreshing drink and something which is certainly a very nice alternative to a cold beer on a hot day.

There were two types of cider in the little box which arrived on my desk... one (Premium Cider) has an alcohol content of 5% and a mildly fruity taste but a nice "bite" to it. The other, labeled Scrumpy Strong Cider contains 8.2% alcohol and tastes very much like a nice method champenois. It is not "dry", yet still very refreshing, not totally dissimilar (to my Coca-Cola-tainted palette) to the award-winning Lindauer methode champenois.

Of the two, I think I prefer the Premium Cider to the Scrumpy, but that's probably because I could drink more of it before falling over.

I have to say that this has completely changed my view of cider and over the summer I'm sure that visitors will find more than one or two bottles of this particular brand resting on the shelves.

Why not drop in and have a look at their web site - fill out their guestbook and you might win some for yourself.

What's good about Harvest Cider?

  • It tastes damned good
  • These guys are innovative - they have a web site!
  • It's lower-alcohol than most wines

What's bad about Harvest Cider

  • I've run out!
  • After tasting it, my friends stole the other bottles

The bottom line... is it worth buying?

Unless you're a tea-totaler - Most certainly!


        The Harvest Wine Company

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