The Aardvark Rate Card

Flat-rate ads Aardvark used to run a rate card based on the CPM and per-click model - but Aardvark now makes life simpler for everyone by charging a single flat-rate for advertising on the Daily or Weekly editions.

The Rates Advertising on Aardvark Daily costs $50+GST per day, or $250+GST per week (7 days). Advertisers can expect to receive a minimum of around 1,500 to 1,800 unique impressions per day

Equating that to a CPM yeilds a rate of around $27-$33 per thousand.

Advertising on Aardvark Weekly costs $100+GST per week.

Considering the extremely well qualified audience which Aardvark delivers to those selling computer and Internet related products and services, this is an extremely competitive rate, significantly better than that available on many less targeted sites.

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Stand-by ads The majority of Aardvark's audience is from New Zealand domains and we normally count all impressions in on-line reporting system.

From time to time however, Aardvark breaks stories of international relevance and when this happens, many overseas news sites link to those stories. On such occasions it's not uncommon for "hot" stories to receive up to 8,000 unique visitors or more in the period of a day, most of these being from the USA.

If you're looking for a wider audience for your advertising, we can put one of your ads on "standby" and only place it on those pages carrying stories which we know will attract large volumes of overseas traffic. The standard daily rate of $50+GST applies for each day such ads are placed.

If there are no standby ads then we'll run the regular advertisers' ads on those pages - but since we're charging a flat rate, they'll pay no more for all the extra exposure.

How to pay All advertising must be pre-paid by cheque, Mastercard or Visa.

Please use the contact form to send a message and you'll either be directed to the secure payment form or you'll receive a phone call to to obtain payment details.

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Some tips The biggest cause of poor ad performance is "burn-out". Aardvark's audience is a loyal and regular one. This means that after a week, most of the regulars will have seen your ad at least a couple of times and if they were going to respond they would have done so.

For maximum effectiveness it is recommended that you place your ad initially for a period of 1 week then have it placed just one or two days per week after that. Changing the banner graphic or the offer regularly will also boost the results you get from your advertising.

Ad Reporting All Aardvark advertisers have access to an on-line reporting system that allows instant access to the number of exposures and click-throughs that have been delivered for your ad. This system operates in "real-time" and the reports are "as of the moment". This allows you to monitor the performance of your ad and Aardvark's ability to deliver it.

Relevant parts of the server logs are also available on request to enable you to perform more comprehensive analysis, and to allow you to verify click-through figures against your own server logs if you choose.

At present, Aardvark is able to deliver around 35,000 impressions per month to an audience of IT professionals, Internet Industry figureheads, decision-makers in government, public and private industry, plus "power users" of the Net. This figure continues to grow steadily.

The click-through rate varies significantly but is typically 2%-5% providing ads are either rotated frequently enough to avoid burn-out.

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Beyond the banner EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE!
The banner has traditionally been the way to advertise on the Web, however Aardvark and 7am News are offering options that go far beyond this primitive tool.

Check out our InfoAd™ and BrandWare™ products if you're looking for some truly effective advertising vehicles.

Need a bigger audience? If you need access to a global audience of over 18 million people per month (600,000 per day) then Aardvark's sister-publication, 7am News can help. Check the 7am Rate Card for details.

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