Why Advertise on Aardvark?
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Quite simply, Aardvark is the single most popular source of news about the Internet on the Web in New Zealand. I believe Aardvark eclipses even its nearest competitors by a factor of three or more. Just as importantly, Aardvark's readers are very loyal and aware that it is advertiser support which pays for the content.

As a result of this, Aardvark's advertisers report unequalled levels of response to their advertisements - and that's good news for you!

Even the most effective advertising is only worth buying if it can be had at a price which allows a return on your investment.

It's Aardvark's opinion that far too many NZ Web sites grossly over-estimate the value of their pages to advertisers. It's my policy that where ever possible advertising costs are proportional to the performance of those ads. If you're not happy with the results you won't renew your ads and I'll lose a customer. Fortunately I must have got it pretty right because advertisers keep coming back for more!


Aardvark reaches a broad cross-section of the Internet community. Regular readers include CEOs of public companies, Government officials, the management and staff of most NZ ISPs (and quite a number from overseas), IT management, and many others who are just interested in the industry and its happenings.

If you want to reach the decision makers in industry, or just the man in the street with a keen interest - THIS is the place to do it!

Aardvark enjoys a hard-won reputation for a blunt "to the point" reporting style. Never swayed from the facts by advertorial pressures, Aardvark has "street-cred" which provides a real spin-off benefit to its advertisers.

Aardvark reserves the right to refuse any advertising which it feels might be for products or services which do not represent good value to its readers and while not going as far as to endorse any particular advertiser, if your ad appears here then at least you've satisfied me that what you're touting is worthy of my reader's consideration.


But don't just take my word for it, listen to what some of Aardvark's satisfied advertisers have to say about the results they've experienced:

Daniel Williams of WebDrive says:
 "Plain and simple, Aardvark is value for your money. The awareness of our services, created as a direct result of the banner on the Aardvark site, was exceptional. Our expectations were met and exceeded, and we wouldn't hesitate to advertise on Aardvark again in the future."

Peter Mot of 2Day Internet says:
 "The response to our advertising on Aardvark has exceeded our expectations several times over. Since launching NETregistry on December 16, 1996 I am pleased to tell you that Aardvark referred more customers to us than all other advertising initiatives combined."

Dave Blyth, award-winning Web designer from WebDesign and founder of WDNZ says:
 "As designers of over 50 NZ and overseas websites over the last 12 months we can say that when launching and maintaining a site on the Internet, it is essential to have banner advertising on popular Kiwi sites and we have found the Aardvark site to be very helpful in promoting our clients sites."

To be truly effective, your advertisement should not be depreciated by sharing a page with too many others.

For a while, Aardvark's success was beginning to produce pages which were "over-run" with advertising. Although this still produced outstanding results for advertisers, Aardvark's readers were being disadvantaged by pages which took too long to load and contained too much visual clutter.

To remedy this, and to ensure that Aardvark's readers remain happy and keep coming back I've instigated a new "Less Is More" attitude to advertising.

Advertising space on Aardvark is now very heavily rationed and (I'm afraid) slightly more expensive - although still much cheaper than that charged by competing publications despite the fact Aardvark's readership is much higher.

From now on there will be only one advertisement per page on the daily edition and a maximum of two advertisers for the weekly.


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