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Aardvark's JavaScript Feed
If you want to add a regularly updated summary of Aardvark's commentary to your own website -- now you can!

I've made it easy -- all you need do is include this piece of JavaScript code where you want the summary to appear:

<SCRIPT JAVASCRIPT SRC="http://aardvark.co.nz/cgi-bin/aardvark.js"> </SCRIPT>

The resulting output will use whatever fonts and colours you've already set up for your page so you have full control -- but as soon as the latest edition of Aardvark is published -- the summary information on your page will be instantly updated, just like magic.

Here's what today's summary looks like:

And here are other sites that have added it:

If you decide to add this to your site, please let me know.

Anyone wanting an XML summary feed should check out the Aardvark XML feed page.



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