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Horrific racism

27 May 2020

Let me say right from the start, I abhor racism in all its various shapes and forms.

My position is that we are first, foremost and always people, regardless of the colour of our skin, the shape of our eyes and our ethnic origins.

To treat one person differently to another, simply because they are of a different race to another is not something I find acceptable, at any level.

There you go, I've said it - that's my perspective, it has always been my perspective and, as a result of this, it's been my privilege to have had a very racially diverse set of friends throughout my life. I'm no SJW, nor am I jumping on the bandwagon of popular opinion, this is just the way I've always felt.

So reports in the media of late have really got me quite cross and dismayed because of the levels of racism I'm seeing in our beautiful country. However, my anger may not be caused by what you'd think.

Allow me to explain...

There has been huge outrage within the ranks of some Maori organisations and groups in the wake of the new leader of the National Party announcing the shape of his shadow cabinet.

"Where are all the Maori?" these groups are demanding to know.

Apparently there are not enough Maori in this shadow cabinet.

The new Nats leader Todd Muller says that he's chosen his team based on the best talent he has available to him. Isn't that the way these things should be done?

Well apparently not, at least not if you're pro-racism, as these Maori groups appear to be. For it is *they* who are demanding that race becomes a key factor in such decisions and that is, without any doubt, blatant racism.

Those Maori should be ashamed.

By demanding that race be a factor that over-rides competency, they are casting a nasty slur on the reputation of Maori. They are suggesting that Maori are somehow less able to qualify for such positions solely on the basis of their ability to perform.

Oh the irony!

Some Maori are the first to play the "racism" card when it appears that they are missing out on something or failing to get special privilege based on their ethnicity -- but then they chose to be agregiously racist themselves... when it suits the narrative.

Other issues in respect to this "special privilege based on race" that have been demanded in recent times.

During the lockdown, *EVERYBODY* was disadvantaged when it came to mourning the loss of loved ones. Funerals were all but impossible under level 4 and level 3 but a lot of Maori were demanding special treatment because of their unique cultural needs for tangihanga. Somehow, these people felt that, solely because of race, they should be granted special privilege that would effectively raise the risk to the whole nation.

Sorry, that's advocating racism and I'm not having it.

So it seems that some people will be outraged by the concept of racism, unless they can use it to their own advantage by demanding special privilege.

There are few things I hate more than racism, but one of those things is hypocrisy.

Certain groups of self-entitled idiots need to realise that the world does not revolve around them and life is what you choose to make it. Get over yourselves and join the human race -- we're really quite nice people.

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