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Cancel Culture Continues

7 July 2020

The demand for "correctness" continues and the latest example is Stuff's decision to ditch social media.

In a statement published today Stuff says "public trust was a core value for the news website, but that was not necessarily compatible with the way the social media giant was operating".

The news publisher has decided that its Facebook and Instagram accounts will be "dormant" for an undecided period it calls "a trial".

Stuff's move comes hot on the tail of a massive pull-out of big-name brands who have yanked advertising from Facebook in protest of the way the social media giant is policing hate speech and other undesirable activities on its platform.

Let me have a little groan and a sigh.



It seems that simply "doing the right thing" is not enough in today's modern world.

Not only must you "do the right thing" but you must be seen to "do the right thing". In fact, you need to shout loudly and make a lot of noise about the fact that you're doing the right thing.

Not to scream "look, we're doing the right thing" at the top of your lungs is to imply that you're actually doing the wrong thing.

Hence, this story on the Stuff site today.

I'm sorry but I don't have another sigh or groan to utter right now but after months of this crap, I'm all out.

Will Facebook be quaking in their boots at Stuff swearing off use of their platform for a while?

Of course not.

From what I've read, Facebook makes most of its revenues from small businesses, not big publicly listed companies and I doubt that Stuff's withdrawal will be noticed at all.

What next?

Will Stuff implement a quota for non-caucasian staff?

Will Stuff rebrand itself "We Are WOKE"?

Where will this game of one-upmanship end, as various companies try to show that they are more "inclusive" and "correct" than their peers?

Whatever happened to the news media being objective and comprehensive in its reporting?

Where are the columnists who are not at all WOKE?

Are we now going to marginalise part of our society in an attempt to show how "inclusive" we are? Isn't that somewhat ironic?

Or has Stuff simply decided to pull out of social media because they realise that it's better not to have their incompetence exposed to the critique and ridicule of public opinion in a public forum? After all, there's no shortage of gaffes like this to embarrass them with.

As for the policy here at Aardvark... this publication is, has always been and will continue to be totally agnostic to race, religion, colour creed and everything else. I will continue to praise (where earned), criticise (where justified) and take the piss (at every opportunity) regardless of all factors other than the deservedness of the target.

Sorry... I am sleeping through this, don't WOKE me until it's all over.

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