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Aardvark Weekly 27 August 99
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Dateline: 14 December 1999 All Day Edition
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No Time!
Attribute it to the Christmas rush... or even to the fact that my power has been off and on a total of six times in the past 24 hours -- but I've run out of time to write a piece today.

Back with a vengance tomorrow!

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Load in new window Copyright Ruling Targets Web Links
A ruling last week by a federal court in Utah could represent a body blow against a key feature of the Web: linking users of one site to information on others...

Load in new window Australian Tax office moots ISPs as 'tax collectors'
Software vendors and Internet industry participants may be asked to partner the Australian Tax Office in the revenue authority's collection of tax from e-commerce revenue...

Load in new window Double Click sues DoubleClick
A SECOND Australian Internet company has revealed it is involved in litigation with the world's leading online advertising company, America's DoubleClick Inc...

Load in new window Internet poised to shake up travel
The travel industry is bracing itself for a shake-up next year as airlines continue to put the squeeze on agents and the internet's role in travel bookings expands...
NZ Herald

Load in new window McCartney puts world into club with Net broadcast
Only 300 fans will cram into Liverpool's Cavern Club for Paul McCartney's "Little Big Gig," but the concert will be broadcast live around the globe on the Internet...

Load in new window Microsoft adds Inktomi
Microsoft will use Inktomiís Internet search engine capabilities on several of its Web sites under an infrastructure deal unveiled Monday...

Load in new window Sun and partners ponder Java's future
Ending an effort to create a Java standard could help some developers -- but hurt plans to extend the technology across all computing platforms...

Load in new window Diamonds are a lech's best friend
Jewelry.com yanks one sexy ad after a group of angry fathers protests -- but its "toned down" replacement is pretty saucy...

Load in new window IT Capital investments pay off
Two investments in US ".com" companies paid off for Auckland-based venture capital firm IT Capital last week...

Load in new window Bill Gates domain 'for sale' at £2m
According to the weekend UK press, Bill Gates is trying to stop an anonymous "entrepreneur" auctioning www.billgates.co.uk for something in the region of £2 million
The Register
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