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Aardvark Weekly 27 August 99
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Dateline: 22 December 1999 All Day Edition
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I'm Going Shopping
There's no daily speil today because this is about the only time I'm going to get to go shopping before Christmas.

Bruce... why aren't you shopping online? Damned good question!

Don't forget to vote in the awards -- and if anyone wants to link to the awards site from their own then please do so. I'm waiting to see just how innovative some contenders for the various awards will be :-)

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Remember -- one lucky voter will be chosen at random to win a brand new Microsoft eunuch-Mouse (officially known as the IntelliMouse) with a cool ball-free approach to mouse maneuvering.


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Load in new window Court Ruling Denies Copyright Protection For Images On The Net
Internet content producers, and in particular -- photographers, have been alarmed by a court ruling that denied a suit which alleged the web search site ditto.com (formerly Arriba Soft Corporation) is using copyrighted images without permission or compensation to the original owners...

Load in new window Australia leads way in internet policy
If online tax is the defining issue for the internet over the next 12 months, Australia stands to play a crucial role in setting the standards...

Ex-XTRA manager doing well in Oz:
Load in new window Share surge backs Tyler's bold forecast
A BRAZEN prediction that Solution 6 stock would appreciate by 1000 per cent in the next 12 months moved a step closer to reality yesterday after the stock leapt to a trading high of $17.15...
The Australian

Load in new window Spike on roll in Asia link
SPIKE Networks may consider floating a Web development and design joint venture it unveiled yesterday with Hong Kong-listed Pacific Century CyberWorks...
The Australian

Load in new window Teen computer hacker sentenced to jail in Singapore
A Singapore teen-ager was sentenced Tuesday to five months in jail for hacking into a TV station's Internet site, a news report said...
Boston Globe/AP

Load in new window Etoy: 'This Means War'
Representatives of the art group and Web site gathered at the Museum of Modern Art to protest against eToys, vowing to continue to fight...

Load in new window Net users choose shopping over content
Shopping Web sites--especially online toy and e-tailers and even some traditional stores--show big gains in visitors, while content-supported networks hold steady or slip...

Load in new window Study Shows Surge in Yahoo Popularity
The popular Internet portal Yahoo Inc. extended its lead over the competition in recent months, according to new market data that shows the service is now five times more popular than its closest rival as an online search site...

Load in new window More Net name choices, but glitches abound
Although there are more places to shop for Net addresses, the new system making this variety of choices possible is not perfect, frustrating consumers who are anxious to buy domain names...

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