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Dateline: 17 January 2000 Early Edition
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Ignore The Rumours
Rumours that I've been carted off to the pokie because of my comments on the overseas billionaire case are untrue!

I'm afraid I've been laid-low by a rather shattering virus that forced the abandonment of Friday's Aardvark Daily and has meant that I won't be contributing my usual daily rave today.

Now that my food no longer behaves like a yo-yo, normal service should be restored tomorrow -- when the results of the annual Aardvark Awards, along with the winner of the Microsoft eunuch mouse will be announced.


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Load in new window Is This Man a Crypto Criminal?
Mild-mannered, 63-year-old, New York architect John Young puts a popular encryption program on his Web site to test the new but fuzzy laws. What's it gonna be, Feds?...

Load in new window The Hijacking of The Hun
A Netherlands programmer built his page of links into one of the Net's most visited porn destinations. Naturally, he was upset to find his domain being auctioned on eBay...

Load in new window Search tools leave Web out of sight
The latest trend in search technology attempts to leave search and navigation sites behind...

Load in new window Scam forces Telstra to fix 29,000 pay phones
Telstra is modifying 80 per cent of its public pay phones after a scam was discovered involving free phone calls around the world...

Load in new window Hollywod big-guns take aim at three Webmasters
Three New York men are being sued in federal court for allegedly distributing software which decodes the copyright protection of DVD disks, and allows their contents to be downloaded onto a computer's hard disk. This would enable virtually anyone with an online computer to distribute a DVD's content worldwide via the Internet...
The Register

Load in new window How to steal 2,500 credit cards
It's easy -- all you need is a database tool and a few minutes online. MSNBC investigation uncovers e-commerce sites' shoddy security...

Load in new window Ad body canvasses self-regulated code for Internet marketing
A proposal for a self-regulated industry code for Internet marketing has been drawn up by the Advertising Standards Authority...

Load in new window Prices skyrocket for Web real estate
As the Internet continues to sprawl, virtual locations once available for a $70 registration fee now command thousands, even millions of dollars...
USA Today

Load in new window Domain name hopes falsely raised
A software malfunction may have raised false hopes for domain name hunters today when all domain names appeared to be available from Network Solutions Inc....

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